The world’s most bike friendly cities

Lovely article in Business Insider quoting work from Copenhagenize reviewing the top 100 cities for cycling. Only the top 20 listed, with none from the UK.  Noteable for Bristol are:

  • Nantes is joint 5th. They have less cycling than Bristol, but they beat us to become “Green Capital of Europe 2013”. The City will also host the 2015 Velo-City Bicycle Conference. The point being their are keen to profile themselves and commit to change. “If there is one city in Europe that is taking a serious look at a changing the game, it’s Nantes.”
  • Our twin city Bordeaux is at number 4. “Every country needs a city that just gets on with it and shows what is possible. Bordeaux is that city in France”. Now how would that sound if you drop in the words Bristol and UK?
  • From nowhere, Seville ties for forth place.  “Seville is the poster child of the modern bicycle planning movement. Nothing less. From a modal share of 0.5% in 2006, the city went from zero to hero and now boasts 7% modal share. The rapid rise in bicycle traffic was due to visionary political will. 80 km of bicycle infrastructure was completed in just one year and more was added later.”

The point is that change is possible, positive and down to leadership.  George, are you listening?