Think Bikes and Clarence Road

An interesting day yesterday (7 March), starting off with a call from BBC Radio Bristol looking for comment on the AA’s new “Think Bikes” Campaign – you can find out more on our News page.

The campaign can clearly help but needs to go further to get people to LOOK and be more considerate on the roads and pavements/ shared areas.

The Dutch Cyclists’ Union then gave us a call, as they had been contacted by the BBC for views on the Clarence Road scheme that is about to get under way. This scheme is aimed at being “Dutch” or at least Dutch-style, but, whilst it is a good start in the “Dutch” direction, given where we are at and local issues and constraints, it clearly won’t be fully up to Dutch standards.

Brisol City Council should soon be consulting on a Cycling Strategy and Cycling Design Guidelines, that we have had some input to, that will set out the path for Bristol “Going Dutch”.

More about Clarence Road on the Infrastructure page.

The Dutch Cyclists’ Union is their national campaigning group with over 35,000 members! yes, there are still cycling issues to be resolved in The Netherlands! Modal share varies significantly from city to city and authorities and developers still get things wrong. Ever vigilant!