Traffic Free Bristol Comes a Step Closer

After a survey by the Living Heart for Bristol campaign found that 70 per cent of people in the area supported the plans, George Ferguson decided to forge on with this.

Steve Melia of Living Heart said: “We carried out a survey of shoppers on Corn Street and found most people wanted to see the pedestrian area extended.

“We were delighted that the council and the Mayor have responded positively to the consultation. This plan will bring new life to Bristol’s oldest quarter and we hope it will be the first of many small steps to reclaim our city centre from the traffic which dominates it at the moment.”

He added “The council did have a scheme but we did not think it went far enough. This is a really ambitious project which will hopefully completely change the character of the area and make it much more accessible for pedestrians. Traffic has tended to dominate the area and this scheme is a way of changing that while still allowing people to get in and out of the area.”