Update 03/21: Mina Road, clean air, elections, hangars, liveable neighbourhoods

Read all about our latest projects along with cycling news from around Bristol and the UK.

Bristol News

Mina Road: A consultation is open for residents to comment on proposed changes to Mina Road, which suggestions on how to make the road more appealing for walking and cycling. You can find the consultation here. (If you miss the deadline please do email in your thoughts!)

Update: Our response has now been submitted, available here

Clean Air Zone: Bristol Council’s £33m fund to mitigate against possible negative impacts of the clean air zone misses an opportunity to improve cycling infrastructure, focusing instead on measures to help businesses switch to less polluting forms of transport. Whilst valuable, such measures don’t go far enough to change how we use roads. As Bristol Cycling Campaign have said: “Instead of locking in car dependency by replacing vehicles, the council should be filling in the gaps in the city’s cycle network with high quality, safe and convenient infrastructure.” Read the full story here.

Active travel webinar: It was a full Zoom for a recent Architecture Centre public webinar. Well over 100 people attended to listen to speakers including Cllr Kye Dudd, Dame Sarah Storey, cycling commissioner for south Yorkshire combined authority, and Xavier Brice from Sustrans who discussed developments in active travel in Bristol and the UK. It was great to hear such positivity around moves towards less car dominated towns and cities.

Elections: It’s election time! May 6th will see elections for both WECA and Bristol Mayors. Hustings events are being hosted by a number of environmental groups.Bristol Cycling is co-hosting a Bristol Active Travel mayoral hustings on April 21st. Tickets are available via eventbrite. Bristol Green Capital Partnership are also co-hosting hustings for both mayors with tickets now available for the WECA hustings on Monday 19th April and Bristol hustings on Tuesday 27th. Find tickets here.

Bike hangars: A report from Bristol Cycling calls for the installation of 1000 bike hangars across the city to allow for secure storage of bikes in residential areas.Commenting on the space needed to store a bike in a house, and the cost of replacing a stolen bike, Bristol Cycling make the case that hangars are a social justice issue: “if you can’t securely store a bike at home, you can’t have a bike.”Please share our report with your councillor. Find out how you can support our call here.

UK News

Liveable Neighbourhoods 1: A new academic study, published here, finds that Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) in London benefit more deprived areas proportionally more than less deprived areas. The study submits evidence that disproves the common objection to LTNs that they only benefit wealthy districts and push traffic to lower income areas.The study also finds that people from BAME backgrounds are more likely to live in an LTN than people from other backgrounds, which suggests that LTNs could be beneficial in extending cycling to underrepresented groups.

Liveable Neighbourhoods 2: A report on the impacts of an LTN installed in Railton, Lambeth, in June 2020 records that car travel has fallen by as much as 75% and cycling increased by the same percentage. The trend is the same both within the LTN and on the periphery.The report used historic data for a baseline, adjusting for the impacts of the pandemic to give an accurate picture of the changes in traffic levels over the last 9 months. Read the full report here.