Useful Information for Neighbourhood Campaigns

We have a page about our local campaigning in each of the neighbourhoods of Bristol. There are pages for South GloucestershireNorth Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset. Every area will find the following resources full of useful information.

Myths about cycling – The excellent website has well researched answers to common myths about cycling – use these explanations to help spread the truth! They also have a handy print your own bingo card for when you have to sit in meetings listening to crap.

Councillors – Find out who your councillor is and whether they support Space for Cycling using the map at Contact your councillors using Write To Them:

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Reporting Street Problems – Bristol Council uses the excellent Fix My Street website to report and track problems, or directly on

Reporting Collision and Near Miss Incidents – We have a page to help What to do if you are involved in a road traffic incident whilst cycling.

Making Space for Cycling – What does proper cycling provision look like? This is the best introduction to what needs to be done that should be shared with every local decision maker. There is an excellent online version We have a supply of A4 booklets as well that really get the message across well.

Bristol Cycling Network – There is our public Google map for an overview of issues, routes and priorities. This forms part of every neighbourhood plan map.

Traffic Choices – This very useful site from Bristol Council sets out what options might be used in specific locations and how much they would cost. Also includes the ‘tracker’ option for each Neighbourhood partnership to log local traffic issues that are reported to the council.

Street Improvements – A promising site from Bristol Council that invites you to identify what needs doing, and comment on the suggestions of others. The purpose is “to capture requests for local street improvements. It can be used to highlight safety concerns and request physical changes to Bristol streets, such as introducing new pedestrian crossings, parking restrictions and traffic calming features”.  Note that it it NOT for reporting street problems (see above). This is similar to the Bristol Bugbears site from 2016 which is no longer active.

Bristol Council mapping – lots of information relevant to every area. Includes collision data, cycle routes, boundaries and all the information from the Traffic Choices issues tracker.

National Propensity to Cycle Tool – This is fantastic combination of the census information of current levels of cycling and trips to and from work, together with the route mapping of, and added projections under different scenarios 

Cycling Environment Assessment Quick and easy way of getting a 1-5 score for proposed, or existing, cycling infrastructure. Particularly useful are the quick pointers for improving the score. Here’s an example.

Streetmix – A lovely little tool that shows what you can fit into a given width of street just by dragging and dropping. What can be done on Gloucester Road? Streetmix can tell you with just a single measurement of width (or from a satellite view map).

Shared Space and Shared Use Policy – BCyC have a policy that sets out common ground with pedestrians. Bristol has created a basic cycle network by extensive use of these, but now it’s time to get serious about Space for Cycling as a mass transit system in its own right.

20mph in Bristol – All the evidence and information about why 20’s Plenty. Has the refreshing strapline ‘A little bit slower. A whole lot better’ – This is our favourite route finding site but it also has local collision data can be helpful in identifying priorities. is a related site to help cycle campaign groups around the UK and we have our own section.

Bikedata: Collisions, counts, thefts, issues – A one stop visit for lots of cycling related data.

School collision mapping – This shows an entry for every school in the country of incidents within 500m, including ‘annual average crashes per km road’

Travel West – Info on walking, cycling, bus, rail, car share –

Health Guidelines and best practice – NICE PH41 Walking and cycling: local measures to promote walking and cycling as forms of travel or recreation –

Inclusive Mobility –

Walking Manifesto for Living Streets –

Bristol Walking Strategy –

Bristol Community and Neighbourhood Partnerships –

Good for Business – retailers underestimate the numbers and importance of pedestrians and cyclists to their businesses, and overestimate the importance of cars. Sustrans Shoppers info sheet – LN02 inc Bristol also from New York. The traffic removal website from UWE sets out the evidence.