Suggest a change

  • Where can you share an idea for something that would improve your neighbourhood or route to work?
  • How can you support the ideas that others have?
  • Which campaigning ideas have lots of support?

We present: Widen My PathLike our very popular Route Planner it comes from our friends at (who grew from Cambridge Cycling Campaign). Both tools are national but we’ve got a Bristol front door.

There are always more ideas than can possibly be considered, and those with most support will get most attention. They may also be those that make the biggest difference, such as those on our proposed Bristol Cycling Network, or with evidence of impact. So get active on supporting the issues you want to see happen!

Note this is NOT a Council tool but it’s open source and easy for campaigners to draw down and use the data. The official Bristol Council Getting Bristol Moving Active Travel Map will also capture requests for walking and cycling improvements during this COVID19 pandemic. They say “It can be used to highlight safety concerns and request physical changes to Bristol streets, such as putting in place a one way system on high streets for people to socially distance, parking restrictions to widen cycling provision and reallocation of road space for active travel”. We’ve been promised that data will be transferred across from Bristol Council also have a site to identify what needs doing for street improvements generally, and they use the Fix My Street Bristol website to report and track problems. BANES, South Glos and North Somerset have their own tools