Vote Bike!

With election fever building now is the time to review what we know about each party’s position on cycling. The Guardian says “With a couple of honourable exceptions, the main parties show depressingly little vision or ambition in their election programmes” which is disappointing as if you followed the Big Cycling Debate, an event in March involving transport spokespeople from the three main parties, you’d be forgiven for thinking policies on cycling would at least be relatively prominent in the election. Sustrans have set out their response to the party manifestos.

Meanwhile CTC has statements on cycling from 9 of the parties. They’ve also been busy pressing all candidates to respond to five questions on cycling through their interactive website You can find out if candidates in your constituency have responded yet and take action to find out.

Finally, our very own Lifecycle UK has organised General Election Cycle Hustings for Bristol candidates on Tuesday 21st April. There are still places if you hurry. We’ll hope to have a report.

Here are the five questions from CTC to parliamentary candidates:

1. Ambition. Will you support measures to increase levels of cycling to 10% of trips by 2025 and 25% by 2050?
Read more about ambition here

2. Funding. Will you support an average government spend of at least £10 per person per year on cycling?
Read more about funding here (PDF)

3. Design standards. Will you support action to create consistently high design standards for cycling in all highway and traffic schemes, new developments and planned road maintenance work?
Read more about design standards here

4. Safety. Will you support measures to improve cycle safety by strengthening road traffic law and its enforcement and revising the Highway Code?
Read more about safety here

5. Positive promotion.  Will you support the positive promotion of cycling, including cycle skills training, for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities?
Read more about positive promotion