What Covid Cycling Provision do you want?

The Government has made funding available to Bristol City Council to install cycling infrastructure during the current pandemic. As we emerge from lockdown in a socially distanced manner public transport is hazardous (tragically fatal for some) and we can’t all drive everywhere without gridlock and further health crises of deadly air and obesity, both increasing Covid risk. So official advice is to take to our bikes and feet (yay!). The Council has an interactive map on which you can tell them what changes you want and where in Bristol. This replaces Widenmypath.com which many Bristolians have been using. We’ve been promised the data will be transferred across to the new system.

Please use BCC’s interactive map. We hope people from all over the City, and beyond, will. You can ask for separated cycle lanes (Government Guidance explicitly encourages “pop up” cycle lanes), Road Closures (a lifesaver for struggling businesses) with people on foot and bike allowed through, cycle contraflows on one way streets; it’s up to you. There are some excellent ideas on our website (search modest proposal) and in our response to the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation.

If we don’t ask we won’t get; good luck.