What we learned on our Dutch Study Tour

In October 2014 a mixed group of activists, officers and just plain interested folk from Bristol spent 3 days on a study tour with David Hembrow. We were there to learn what makes cycling in the Netherlands such a natural part of life for everyone.

Read a report from Chrissie Decker about her views of the tour, and then have a browse through this Flickr album to get a feel for what we saw over an intense 3 days.

Here are some thoughts of lessons for Bristol Cycling Campaign.

Learning Lessons from BCyC Dutch Study Tour 2014

1. Do it again

2. Work to build political support and willingness to invest

3. Classifying the road network is a necessary first step to identifying what needs doing: Through, Distributor, Residential/Retail

4. We need ‘Triple A’ Infrastructure – All Ages and Abilities. This means one network for all

5. Unravel the three networks. Walking, vehicles and cycling

6. Campaign for the first Bristol simultaneous green junction

7. Campaign for the first Bristol annular roundabout

8. Campaign for the first Bristol extensive segregated route with priority over side roads (we’re close but not there yet)

9. Campaign for ‘Except Cyclists’ on every suitable no entry and one way street

10. Get the idea of Sustainable Safety embedded in thinking (Road Danger Reduction)

11. Find a way to enable all modes of transport to feel that they benefit

These are excellent summary videos and blogs from other tours:

http://www.aviewfromthecyclepath.com/2014/04/once-in-every-73-lifetimes-how-often.html (including a news piece from Dutch TV featuring Jon Rogers of Bristol at 4.45)