Where are bikes being nicked, and who by?

Between May 2013 and Feb 2015 there were 2976 cycle thefts in Bristol (LA area).  Only 3% of reported bicycle thefts resulted in a prosecution/caution/fine, so it was good to have news of the recent arrest of 5 people and recovery of £50,000 suspected stolen bikes.

If you have ever wondered which areas are most vulnerable there’s a useful map attached covering 2013 to 2015. Further information at See more at: http://www.betterbybike.info/bike-security/BikeTheft_Bristol May13 to Feb15

Our friends at Stolen Bikes have an interesting blog using information from London looking at Bike Thieves – Who Are They? Recommended reading. No surprises that the answer to why bicycle theft is so attractive to offenders because it’s a low risk, high reward crime.

Interesting that most thefts are during the day. They are possible because people rarely challenge suspicious behaviour. This astonishing video from Avon and Somerset Police of one of their PCSOs cutting various locks in every more brazen ways was filmed right in the middle of Broadmead. If you see something dodgy, do everyone a favour and ring 101 (or 999 if you’re sure someone’s beloved cycle is being nicked).

We’ve got a page on Bike Security with that may help you and your bike have a long and happy life together.