Who’s got Green Capital funding?

UPDATE: Proposals ratified 24/12/2014 https://www.bristol2015.co.uk/news/green-light-bristol-2015-strategic-grants/

News comes of how the larger funding pots available through Bristol Green Capital will be allocated. Final decisions will be announced on 24th December but recommendations to the Bristol Council Cabinet for decision give some early notice. There were 184 applications for the £1.5 million fund, representing 136 different organisations, with bids totalling £8.1 million. Funding from the Small Grants Fund has also been announced, including a number for cycling. 
The table below sets out what the transport ‘theme’ is intended to deliver, and how the awarded funding is expected to achieve that. Other themes are Energy, Food, Nature, Resources.
Congratulations to the projects (didn’t Sustrans do well!).  However, we remain concerned by the lack of ambition around transport in the Green Capital programme which we consider mainly comes from a lack of engagement by council officers who are stretched thin delivering even what’s currently planned.

Transport theme: Our ambition is to make Bristol a world leading city in active travel, where 4 out of 5 journeys under five miles are made by foot, bike and public transport

2020 Aspiration

2015 Desired Outcomes


Deliver improvements to both the price and quality of our public transport networks, making it quick, cost effective and easy to go by bus or by train


To increase the use of public transport throughout the city, better connecting outlying residential neighbourhoods to Bristol’s Centre and growth areas



GC116 – Sustrans (Promoting Healthier Transport Choices)



Make road layout and other improvements in the city to open our streets to people, removing the blight of heavy traffic and improving flows for public transport and those who need to drive



To trial road layout and other improvements that open the city’s streets to people and reduce the negative impacts of traffic on health, environment and social connectivity



GC111 – Sustrans (Southmead)
GC115 – Sustrans (Streetpockets) 



Support the ongoing and successful expansion in Bristol of cycling through investment in cycle lanes and other cycling infrastructure, and more cycle training for those who need it




To improve walking and cycling networks throughout the city to enable more people to undertake everyday journeys to work, schools and other destinations on foot and by bike


GC066 – APE Project CIC

GC116 – Sustrans (Promoting Healthier Transport Choices)



Reduce emissions in the city to help protect people from the harmful gases produced by streets clogged with traffic



To reduce emissions in the city through support for the transition to ultra low emission vehicles, including accelerated provision of charging/fuelling infrastructure and changes to corporate fleets and public transport


GC116 – Sustrans (Promoting Healthier Transport Choices) 



Promote active travel choices – walking and cycling – as safe and pleasant alternatives to the car



To support people to change ingrained travel habits by providing and promoting opportunities to walk, cycle and use public transport for everyday journeys, including travel to work and schools 
To provide international leadership in exploring how changes to urban streets and transport systems can benefit a city’s environment, health, social connectivity and prosperity


GC066 – APE Project CIC
GC007 – Greater Bedminster Community Partnership (Walking)

GC116 – Sustrans (Promoting Healthier Transport Choices)


Here’s the project descriptions.
 Organisaation Reference Project Description Recommended Grant
APE Project CIC GC066 Children’s Bike Exchange Scheme The main focus is on recycling bikes and making them cheaply available to underprivileged children. £49,342 
Sustrans GC111 Southmead Flood Prevention Implementation of flood prevention measures in Southmead. £44,100



Promoting Healthier Transport Choices

Engaging people in debating and developing a sustainable transport vision for Bristol.



SustransGC115 Street PocketsDevelop a modular, freestanding and moveable toolkit to be used by communities to instantly change the feel and use of any street in the city. Projects and designs will be trialled by communities with kit which can then be made permanent. £44,100 
Greater Bedminster Community PartnershipGC007 Let’s Walk BedminsterPromoting walking and bringing the community together in Bedminster with series of events. £40,000