Bristol Cycling Campaign calls for 1,000 bike hangars

We have published a report proposing that Bristol City Council should install 1,000 bike hangars by May 2024. Bike hangars are lockable steel pods for up to six bikes and provide secure, on-street bike-parking for people who don’t have any outside space to store a bike at home.

The report finds that Bristol currently only has 15 bike hangars but that local survey data show that demand for residential bike-parking spaces is likely to be in the tens of thousands.

The report also proposes ways to simplify installation and cut costs by at least £1,500 per hangar. And it suggests a system for the council to reach out to offer hangars instead of relying on residents to realise that they exist.

To read the report please see here BCyC Proposal on Bike Hangars March 2021

If you would like a cycle hangar on your street please email your councillor to show there is demand. 

Find your councillor

  • Please share this report with them.
  • Please ask them to add your street to their list of streets that might be appropriate for a cycle hangar.
  • Please emphasise how important a cycle hangar would be for you and ask them to inform you when a process is developed to roll out hangars across the city.


If you can’t securely store a bike at home, you can’t have a bike.

But what if you want a cycle hangar currently? Tough!

The council has received Emergency Active Travel funding for up to 20 more hangars but just to match a bike-friendly borough like Waltham Forest in London, Bristol needs over 800 hangars. And Waltham Forest still has a waiting list of over 5,000 people.

The council’s waiting list for bike hangars was closed in April 2019 so there is currently no process for people to register an interest or for the council to gauge demand. The report proposes that councillors should put forward suitable sites for hangars in their wards, based on their knowledge of the area and of who wants one.

We need a fair, and efficient system of delivering bike hangars on a scale and at a speed fit for an emergency, because we’re in one. And public pressure will help to get it.