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Cycling for All

How can we tell if Greater Bristol has become a real cycling city? It will be when those riding reflect the whole of society. When everyone from ages 8-80 ages are on bikes. Where there are as many women as men. Where all communities feel they have the freedom to ride. Where there are all kinds of different wheels being used: hand powered, cargo, multi-person, trikes. It’s often said that ‘a city that works for children, works for everyone’.

This is about Routes and Neighbourhoods of course, but also top quality standards, enforcement, safe speeds, air quality and support. Half a century of car-centric planning and investment have made many parts of Bristol polluted and congested. Children have little independence and people struggle to keep themselves healthy. We campaign for:

  • Fairness. The choice to cycle should be available to all, regardless of age, gender, financial circumstances, fitness, or need for non-standard bikes (e.g. trailers, tricycles, cargo). Many people and groups are currently denied this choice.
  • Quality. Bristol should be the benchmark city for outstanding and innovative cycling provision. Pound for pound this will offer Bristol better value than any other public investment.
  • Wellbeing. Cycling and sustainable transport increase our health and wellbeing through more active lifestyles and better air quality. Bristol will attract new business as a fine place to live.
  • Safety. People on bikes should feel able to travel from where they are to where they need to go, comfortably, conveniently, directly, in attractive surroundings and in safety.  

Recent posts about Cycling for All (click for full list)

  • Can we make cycling boring?

    Can we make cycling boring?

    by Dulce Pedroso. Like many of us, Bristol Cycling member Dulce Pedroso envisions a version of Bristol where cycling is everywhere. So prevalent, in fact, that talking about cycling as a mode of transport becomes so commonplace that it’s (almost) boring. A city where everyone and their grandma cycles and no one calls you ‘brave’ for cycling the morning commute. In her quest to help make that happen, Dulce is running for election onto Cycling

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  • The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    Friday 30th July was a bumper day for announcements and publications from the Department for Transport relating to cycling, to kick of its 'Summer of Cycling and Walking' campaign. In this article we attempt to simplify each one for you, and understand how they are relevant to us here in Bristol. £338 million package to further fuel active travel boom The active travel boom seen throughout the pandemic will continue to thrive thanks to a

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  • Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    This article was first published on Congratulations to Don Alexander, who has just taken on the role of Cabinet Member for Transport. This is an important position given the impact our city’s transport challenges have on the lives of residents across the city. Getting the balance right between giving hope and managing expectations will be a key challenge as we start an important period for cycling. We take a look at Don’s ‘in-tray’ and

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  • Women's Festival of Cycling 2021

    Women's Festival of Cycling 2021

    The Women's Festival of Cycling 2021 is here and it runs until Sunday 1 August. There are many ways you can get involved, including virtual events and a chance to win prizes. For more information visit the festival website:

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  • Update 03/21: Mina Road, clean air, elections, hangars, liveable neighbourhoods

    Update 03/21: Mina Road, clean air, elections, hangars, liveable neighbourhoods

    Read all about our latest projects along with cycling news from around Bristol and the UK. Bristol News Mina Road: A consultation is open for residents to comment on proposed changes to Mina Road, which suggestions on how to make the road more appealing for walking and cycling. You can find the consultation here. (If you miss the deadline please do email in your thoughts!) Update: Our response has now been submitted, available here Clean

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  • Bristol to Bath Railway Path Safety

    Bristol to Bath Railway Path Safety

    We are appalled at the frequency and level of violence of attacks on the Bristol to Bath Railway Path this winter. BCyC members have been actively working with stakeholders discussing long term options to improve safety. One aspect has been to learn from other similar paths with similar challenges around the country.The Facebook group Bristol & Bath Railway Path - OnePath is very helpful, but we have also formed a small working group with representatives from

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  • Bristol Parents for School Streets

    Bristol Parents for School Streets

    In January we attended a meeting of the recently re-formed Bristol Parents for School Streets. The group is now looking for fresh input and ideas as it reforms to support the council in its efforts to accelerate the Bristol School Streets programme. For more info click here.School Streets are streets that include school entrances that are are made 'resident access only' during school drop-off and pick-up times. The aim is to create safer spaces around

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  • Don’t Blow it Bristol!

    Don’t Blow it Bristol!

    #DontBlowItBristol We're at risk of losing Bristol’s new sustainable infrastructure of expanded pavements, cycle lanes and other road changes was brought in to help in the fight against Covid-19. The new infrastructure has given a boost to vulnerable groups allowing people to socially distance, get cleaner air and feel safer when they are out and about. But lobby groups who want cars to dominate our city are pushing councillors to reverse these decisions. Pressure from

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