Making Bristol better for cycling

Space for Cycling

Lots of people cycle in Greater Bristol, bringing great benefits to themselves, and to the city. But two thirds of people consider cycling too risky for them. They want protection from intimidating motor traffic. They know that sharing with pedestrians can be uncomfortable for both. The only proven way to enable cycling for everyone is to provide a continuous and dedicated cycling network to ‘Triple A’ quality standards – for All Ages and Abilities. We need low traffic Liveable Neighbourhoods where we live, learn, shop and play

This is the work of our Space for Cycling action group. It means setting out a positive vision, lobbying for change, and speaking up for cycling. The S4C group meets regularly and uses a Slack to keep in touch. Introduce yourself to get involved. Remember that most campaigning is done not through the formal group but by individuals getting stuck in to an issue that concerns them, using this useful information.

Space for Cycling means:

  • REDUCED THROUGH-TRAFFIC  on residential streets making streets more pleasant and liveable for residents
  • PROTECTED SPACE – Lots of high quality, protected, continuous, cycleways.
  • SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL so that children can to cycle to school safely helping them be more active and independent
  • PEOPLE-FRIENDLY CENTRES – Prioritising walking, cycling and public transport makes public spaces more pleasant places to work, shop and relax.
  • TRAFFIC-FREE ROUTES – Open new routes for cycling, giving safer options for recreation and commuting.
  • LOWER TRAFFIC SPEEDS – Design streets to naturally encourage lower speeds

Recent posts about making Space for Cycling (click for full list)

  • Cotham Hill pedestrianisation consultation - back 'Option A'

    Cotham Hill pedestrianisation consultation - back 'Option A'

    Fantastic to see the Cotham Hill pedestrianisation consultation is out. This includes not only more space for traders, pedestrians and disabled parking bays but also separated cycle lanes on the southern section and a School Street on Aberdeen Rd! Please respond and back 'Option A', the most ambitious option. Below is a survey asking local people to think about three possible options for a permanent scheme. The overall the aim of any scheme will be

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  • Safe cycle lanes on Bath Road or another urban motorway?

    Safe cycle lanes on Bath Road or another urban motorway?

    The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) have a consultation on transport on the A4 Bath Road running all the way from Bath to Central Bristol. There are no plans or proposals, it’s an open ended survey, in our view not very helpful, involving all modes of transport and the local area. We ask all our members and supporters to complete the consultation survey please and ask specifically for segregated cycle lanes from Hicks Gate

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  • The latest on the Brislington Tramway

    The latest on the Brislington Tramway

    Progress is stalled on The Tramway/Brislington Greenway but campaigners are still optimistic it may go ahead. The Tramway is a proposal for a traffic-free walking & cycling route running for roughly a kilometre, parallel to the A4 on the old Brislington Railway line between Sainsburys and Tesco in Brislington, BS4. This attractive and quiet railway cutting has been unused for decades but planning applications have now been submitted by Greenways and Cycleroutes in Feb 2021

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  • The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    Friday 30th July was a bumper day for announcements and publications from the Department for Transport relating to cycling, to kick of its 'Summer of Cycling and Walking' campaign. In this article we attempt to simplify each one for you, and understand how they are relevant to us here in Bristol. £338 million package to further fuel active travel boom The active travel boom seen throughout the pandemic will continue to thrive thanks to a

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  • Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    This article was first published on Congratulations to Don Alexander, who has just taken on the role of Cabinet Member for Transport. This is an important position given the impact our city’s transport challenges have on the lives of residents across the city. Getting the balance right between giving hope and managing expectations will be a key challenge as we start an important period for cycling. We take a look at Don’s ‘in-tray’ and

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  • Is Bristol's Temple Gate project really deserving of an award?

    Is Bristol's Temple Gate project really deserving of an award?

    We were shocked to see that the Temple Gate scheme is up for an award from the Institution of Civil Engineers. Whilst we are sure that this was a complex engineering project, to talk of a ‘significantly enhanced user experience for cyclists’ is more than stretching it. In 2015 we wrote that “these proposals show potential but need to show a lot more ambition”. This has certainly played out, the area is filled with dangerous

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  • Could we have a temporary Brislington Tramway railway path?

    Could we have a temporary Brislington Tramway railway path?

    There's real momentum building behind the Brislington Tramway, a 'missing link' on the railway path linking Whitchurch, Hengrove and Brislington with the centre. There is a planning application until end of April that needs our backing. Please add a comment to show your support. "The Tramway" is the project name for opening up this fantastic route which would link the existing Whitchurch Way greenway (NCN3) from Whitchurch & Hengrove past Knowle, through Brislington via the

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  • Why Bristol needs more bike hangars

    Why Bristol needs more bike hangars

    Bike hangars are a great way to provide secure bike storage but with only 15 in Bristol, there’s a long way to go to meet the growing demand. Rachel Dickinson explores the problem, and what Bristol Cycling Campaign wants to change. How can we encourage more people to travel by bike in Bristol? One way is to address the lack of secure bike storage. Many people that would like to get a bike just don’t

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