What we learned from our 2020 supporter survey

In May 2020 we ran a survey of our supporters. We also reached out to those who knew little about us. We wanted to find out what people think about cycling in Bristol. And what they think about Bristol Cycling Campaign (BCyC).

We had 736 responses. 46% were female, 51% male and 3% others.  250 were BCyC members or supporters, while 217 had never heard of BCyC before completing the survey.

Overall people feel Bristol is getting better for cycling with an index of 57 (where anything over 50 is improving).

There was overwhelming agreement from all groups that the most important area for us to campaign on is Space for Cycling, changes to roads and neighbourhoods to make cycling safe and easy for everyone. The next most important campaigning topic is influencing and lobbying local politicians and council officers to improve cycling infrastructure. Then there were three areas with equal support: responding to Consultations; Road Justice work with police; Manifesto for cycling setting out a vision for a cycling future.

Looking at responses from females in particular:

  • Slightly more prioritise Space for Cycling campaigning.
  • Slightly fewer would prioritise work on Road Justice, media, and growing BCyC supporters.
  • There was more concern about working towards a representative and inclusive BCyC.
  • A larger number feel they know less about BCyC or how to get involved.
  • Female respondents are less satisfied with BCyC social media presence.
  • Surprisingly, female respondents appear to be happier with current infrastructure.
  • But they feel less confident on bikes.

Comparing responses from existing supporters:

  • Of the 246 responses (out of a total 734), 34% were female and 54% Male (12% other). So existing supporters are less likely to be female, and more likely to decline to give a gender.
  • They are a bit less concerned with ‘making cycling easy’ as a campaign objective, but infrastructure changes to routes and neighbourhoods are still by far the most important.
  • Want to see more lobbying, media and more BCyC supporters
  • They feel they know more about BCyC, are more interested in campaigning, and already active with other groups (no surprises there).
  • They are more satisfied with BCyC social media and website, perhaps they’ve actually used them?
  • Less satisfied with existing cycling infrastructure (network, surfaces, parking, maintenance, neighbourhood).
  • More confident on bikes

These are the issues we asked respondents to rank in order of importance for BCyC to work on:

  • Road Justice – better policing and enforcement of dangerous and intimidating driving such as close passes.
  • Space for Cycling – improved roads and public spaces that enable active travel for everybody.
  • A Cycling Manifesto – setting out a vision for how Bristol can be made great for cycling.
  • Lobbying local politicians and council officers to improve cycling infrastructure.
  • Getting media coverage through actions, events and advocacy (website, social media, demonstrations).
  • Responding to planning and development consultations.
  • Growing the number of members and supporters to add weight to our campaigns
  • Making the Campaign more representative and inclusive.

There were a LOT of good and useful suggestions in answer to the question “How might Bristol Cycling Campaign be more effective? How might it broaden its appeal?”. All have been chewed over and reflected on. The word map above is drawn from all the responses.